The Market People Publications

In this section you may find documents and papers produced by The Market People.

regeneration and creation of street market

A detailed guide to facilitating the successful outcome of a street market regeneration program

The Market people GDPR policy

A document explaining how data are shared between the user of the website and how the market people met the GDPR compliance

Letter to the London Market Board

An open letter addressed by the market people, to the London Market Board , about our view of the Market industry's needs in 2018,

street trading and market legislation in the 21st century, the digital era

A document exposing the weakness of the current legislation which include the proposal and frame work for a new and more adapted legislation

The market people vision of the industry's future

The document was presented to the the retail group at the DCLG in 2012 It depict our vision of the industry at the time and what the industry needed then and still needs in 2017

Professional Publications

In this section you may find a compilation of professional documents found and selected from the public domain.

A document reporting on the London high street

A documents regarding the future of the high street in London with strategy suggestion and recommendations

setting up your local market tool kit

A step by step guide to set-up a local market

Alternative high street

a document from the Association of Local Government regarding the alternative high street

the consumer right 2015

A must be read document by every trader and market manager.

Food act 1982

part III of ts act deal with market and particularly the establishment of markets including non food markets

Local government miscellaneous provision act 1982

part XII section 37 of the act refer to the consent of temporary market and Schedule 4 of the act refer to street trading licenses

London local authorial act 1990

part three of the document relate to street trading

Market license template

A template license document for market produced by nabma and market place europe

Market 21

market 21 was one of the best report on market of its time published in 2009 it is still relevant today

Newsletters and help files

Adding campaign and promotion to your event

We have added a new marketing feature in the operator's account. this alow to publish what is happening to the market place or at your events on specific dates. Including promotion, participation to campaign or program of entertainment. This document explains how to use this new feature

Free listing of your event or market

A quick overview of the benefit of using our free listing.

How to process application in the free version

Description and how to use the new functionality added to the Free version of the operator account in the November-2018 upgrade

special offers for trader

A tutorial to learn how to create, publish and share special offers on TMP

The market People data protection policy

A document regarding our data protection policy for traders

Free event and market listing

a description of the marketing tool and service provided by and through The Market People platform

Boosting your market event: TMP premium marketing services

TMP offer a new service to all operator registered with the market people wanting to boost their event or market.

What is an Iframe

a document describing what a the Market people Iframes are and how to use them.

What is a QR code

how to use and benefit from your qr code