Our Mission Statement

When producing something that is innovative, affecting many people, almost an entire industry, as this is the case, it is difficult to identify a single mission. It started with a business idea, following the identification of a niche in the digital industry: there was nothing for the retail market sector. Many did not even have a website, and few have a face-book page. It was an unexplored territory. Our original mission was simple: to provide the trader and the public with a single point of access to be informed and attend markets either as market traders or customers.

The technical difficulties to deliver a global digital solution to an industry that is fragmented, uncoordinated, with limited professional standards and subject to many legislations proved to be far more complicated than originally though. During the researches and development of the platform we unearthed many issues going from discriminations to unlawful practices but also that great initiatives, good practices were rarely rolled over. What we also noticed was that inappropriate practices were often implemented, in response to a current problem, by people with good intention, who did not have the means to measure how their solution will affect others. We believe that the industry's fragmentation is due to a lacked awareness regarding the other stakeholders needs. Then, our mission and the development of the platform took another turn.

Our final goal target remains the same, but the difference is in the process, and how we are using digitalisation to help the implementation of good, lawful and effective practices, while providing everyone with a tool that is helping them to carry out their day-to-day duty more effectively. To help them in achieving their own goals as well as others while preventing actions that have a negative impact for them, other and the industry as a whole.

We have proved that it is possible to deliver a global platform that suits every existing management models, improve the industry and individual performances in every area, from application of the legislation, prevention, enforcement safety, administration, business performance, communication, working practices and social interaction.

If like us you went to contribute to a better world, and are willing to help us in our mission, just register as trader, market operator, local authority or contact us if you went to know more about what we are doing.