About The Market People

The Market People is the brainchild of Managing Director Philippe Basset. After years of planning, the development started in 2010 as something that was years ahead of its time and more of a wish than a project.

Originally the idea was to provide an online platform where market traders could apply instantly for a pitch anywhere in the UK or Europe, regardless of the operator’s requirements or administrative constraints, providing the industry with a highly efficient communication tool which will also have the capacity to provide the industry and the traders with a very efficient marketing tool, as well as a comprehensive management suite for the operators.


Now a slick market listing website, The Market People has built an impressive network of services that permanently grows and improves. Our reach now extends far beyond that original dream and we have the capacity to deliver a universal marketing, booking and administrative system for the industry.

Whats Coming Next?

Marketing, marketing, marketing, while we are finishing what we call the back-end of the application we are now developing additional marketing tools, focusing on promoting individual traders, which includes: QR coded banners for each stall (available after May 2016), daily notifications of traders' special offers to the public, (available since March 2016), proximity marketing with the provision of pre-programmed beacons linked to the relevant market webpages (end of September 2016), the development of a mobile phone application for the public to allow a better interaction with market and traders (February 2017), the ability for traders to add listed events and markets to their calendar even when the registered operators are not using our Full Management Suite with online booking facilities (October 2016).