Our vision

Digital Platforms are the future of small businesses, AirB&B, Uber, Just eat are few example. We have different mission though, our aim is to deliver a platform were the businesses are the true beneficiary and not just the shareholders of the platform. We believe that given the proper tools and facilities Markets can comeback to be on the centre stage of good distribution. With a more efficient administration, access to knowledge and modern marketing tool, they will be able to fully capitalise on their existing values, a place where people can go and shop and enjoy the services and human contact that only small businesses can deliver.

Our visions is a future when markets contributes in resolving the problem of the 21st century. What seemed impossible a few decades ago: Coordinating the effort of hundred thousands small businesses, so they could respond to the nation need and help the decision makers to identify and resolve other important social issues, digitalisation has made it possible.

The Big Picture

The result in having central platform for the industry is in big data, and data analysing capability. This is what we need to allow each stake holder to perform better, allowing the retails market industry to have an effective and coordinated strategy. Many of the issue small businesses are facing, are due to the inability to put their case forward, Governments and decisions makers need accurate reliable data to be able to make decision. Governing bodys rely on the private sector's ability to implement their policy and to respond to the nation needs when relevant.

While corporate retail responded to what the consumers wanted in the 20th century, when resources seemed unlimited and the planet indestructible. Today the concerns are different, sustainability of our resources, packaging pollution and Co2 foot print are what matter. Markets are better at providing short circuit in food distribution, are closer to the source, consequently more aware of their supplier's production procedures, and less energy and packaging hungry that the big distribution. Market have played an important social and economic part in our past and digitalisation should help them to play an important part in our future.