Our vision

Digital Platforms are the future of small businesses, AirB&B, Uber, Just eat are few example. We have different mission though, our aim is to deliver a platform were the businesses are the true beneficiary and not just the shareholders of the platform. We believe that given the proper tools and facilities Markets can comeback to be on the centre stage of good distribution. With a more efficient administration, access to knowledge and modern marketing tool, they will be able to fully capitalise on their existing values, a place where people can go and shop and enjoy the services and human contact that only small businesses can deliver. But also due to their strategic location they can become the place where you can collect order made online and become a strategic center for home delivery.

An ambitious mission but not impossible if we get together, it will takes time and time is not working in our favours since big corporation are far ahead of us, but if we can provide a structure that put the good will of all these small businesses together, there is very little that we will not be able to achieve.

The Big Picture

The result in having central platform for the industry is in big data, and data analysing that we need to allow each stake holder to perform better, this is what ultimately will allow the industry to have an effective strategy. But also to be able to engage with the government. Many of the issue small business are facing are due to our inability to put our case forward. Government need accurate reliable data to be able to make decision, they also tend to listen better people with a bargaining chip. There are many thing which government needs that we could provide if united, and for which we will be able to ask for returned favour. I always remember Cameron inviting Google for a meeting, the press reported that while the content of the meeting was undisclosed the purpose was not to talk about Google tax situation, which was making first page in the news paper at the time, It was about what Google could provide to the government. To be independent is the essence of the market industry, but been able to rally has one when needed is what will make the industry stronger.