What's in it for Professionals?

The market people's digital platform provide software solutions for Market and Event professional making the market and street trading industry more manageable, more productive, more transparent and easier to regulate

It is important for town centres to respond to the current economic and environmental challenges. If markets were the forgotten retail sector of the second half of 20th century, today their role as social catalyser, promoter of the local economy and job purveyors, start to be recognised. As representative of the local culture they attract tourists while serving the local community. However , to respond more efficiently to the social, economic and environmental challenges laying ahead, we need to be able to measure these benefits, and to do so we need accurate data. We also need to coordinate our efforts to communicate better and be more efficient in our management and administrative procedure. In two words what the industry needs is a "digital platform".

It is not a hazard if digital platforms are taking the business world by storm. Not only they are providing various businesses and communities with unprecedented communication and transaction facilities, in term of digital solutions, they also deliver the best performance /cost ratio by a long way.The Market People’s platform provides, at the lower cost possible, the professionals of the industry with a digital solution which is secure, future proof, effective, easy to access, to implement and to maintain, and responsive to each type of stake holder needs.

Civil Servants

Create better relationships with traders and organisers of markets and events, controlling more effectively commercial activities and product traceability using reliable, unobstructive and appropriate procedures while improving consumer protection and public safety

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Market Operators and Events Organisers

Improve the success of your markets and events and profitability of your business by reducing your administrative workload and by giving your markets events and your traders a greater commercial exposure.

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Market Hosts

Attract popular and lucrative events, organised by reputable operators, to your venue with our events logistics tools - less paperwork and better results. .

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Assistant Traders

Improve our professional credibility and help you to comply with the regulation

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Suppliers (under development)

Quick and easy networking to publicise and promote your business to other market professionals and potential new business partners across the UK.

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Market Performers (under development)

Find popular events and take bookings for your act with free access to reputable and business-minded event planners and organisers nationwide.

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What is the Market Pass?

Ownership of a Market Pass includes full access to The Market People's suite of online networking, booking and promotional tools. Traders issued with an annual PASS are also provided with a personal accreditation card which displays their business details and their accredited status, with a QR code linking to their public profile on The Market People website. Let customers see your details, find you away from the market and leave you ratings.

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