What's in it for Market Officials?

Creating better relationships with traders and operators, allowing a better public protection, monitoring more effectively trading activities and product traceability by using reliable procedures.

The Market people service to local authority is best described as an intelligent communication centre: The application collects and processes data from various sources before redistributing the relevant information to appropriate user groups and/or individual. Depending of their duties, officials are able to access data related to their professional credential.

The Market People monitoring system provides approved local authority officers access to relevant trader, event and operator information, including required documentation and other official reports.

Monitoring and Enforcement

Relevant local authority officers are provided with individual account. When login in they can access all the relevant professional documentation and details provided by event organiser, market operator and attending traders. Officer can also verify if the traders have a valid market pass, which guaranty that all the traders documentation is up to date. Licensing officers have also access to the necessary details to issue individual street trading license.

Inspection and Reporting

Government departments such as Environmental Health and Trading Standards are also provided with reporting facilities that can be completed online while carrying out inspections. The system allows officers to share relevant information and report to other officials and the inspected traders. It includes a feature that flags traders who require monitoring either because they have committed previous offences or haven’t been inspected in recent years.

Communication, Prevention and Notification Tools to a Group of Traders

Useful to inform traders when a new legislation is introduced, to prevent the spreading of food contamination and provide guidance on best practices. As a security warning to inform traders when fraudsters and thieves are known to be operating in a certain area or when there is a risk of riots etc.

"I which we had a system like this for all our licensing services"
Steve Morris