What's in it for Traders?

Find and book the perfect pitch, attract the right customers for your goods and keep all your documents in one place


The Market People platform was designed to provide Market Traders, Exhibitors and Street Vendors with a digital solution adapted to their needs. Like most micro businesses, due to a considerable daily workload, finding the time to deal with the admin, advertising and the growth of their companies is a challenge for Market Traders.

We responded to this challenge through a one time registration process, wich requires the trader to provide, in one go, all the information needed to deliver a system which will reduce their admin by 70%, provides them with new business opportunities and with the marketing tools and support their needs.

The trader's account is consistently upgraded as we are optimising the automation of the services provided and adding new marketing and administration tool on a regular basis.

Benefits, tools and other services

The first benefit is the platform itself, as it connects all the industry's stakeholders together allowing the relevant information to be delivered smoothly to the targeted recipient.

The tolls and services provided to the traders are only accessible once the full registration has been completed and the MarketPass has been granted.

Marketing and Promotion

A comprehensive range of market tools market trader quick registration form

  • Professional public profile
  • Link to your social media accounts
  • A QR code for each of your stalls, allowing you to provide an instant link to your webpage from any publication you may produce
  • An IFrame of your TMP webpage to be inserted in any other website you may have
  • The opportunity for your customers to get in touch with you, without affecting your privacy
  • The option to publish your daily special offer to all your followers and loyal customers
  • A pre-programmed beacon for your proximity advertising
  • An advertising board for your stall with your QR code
  • And many more... Click here for the full list of services we are providing to the traders

  • Online Document Wallet

    Our innovative Market Pass (Professional Accreditation and Standards Scheme) tool keeps all your essential business documents in one place, ready to be presented to officials whenever required at the click of a button. We also monitor all your documents and send you a reminding email with the appropriate web link to allow you to update the relevant document before it reaches the expiry date. For the full list of services provided click here

    Book Markets and Events

  • Find and apply for an available pitch anywhere anytime from your mobile phone
  • Filter event list accordingly to your criteria
  • Be notified when a new event is listed on the website accordingly to your notification criteria
  • View full event market details including price, trading restriction, services provided, and operator’s terms and conditions
  • Submit an applications and confirm your bookings on line (to all registered operator) in 5 clicks 24/7
  • Pay for you booking online (when the organiser/ operator subscribe to this service)
  • Add assistant to your booking at any time
  • .
  • Book a pitch over the phone in seconds.
  • Manage all your booking for as many stalls as you have
  • Keep the record of all invoices, credit notes, receipts
  • Manage your payments
  • What is the Market Pass?

    Ownership of a Market Pass includes full access to The Market People's suit of online networking, booking and promotional tools. Traders issued with an annual PASS are also provided with a personal accreditation card which displays their business details and their accredited status, with a QR code linking to their public profile on The Market People website. Let customers see your details, find you away from the market and leave you ratings.

    Apply for a Market Pass Today

    Easy Application

    Apply for either a regional or national Market Pass with our quick online application process , which includes tips and hints for supplying the right information and documentation (eg. liability insurance, hygiene certificate etc.)

    Quick Verification

    Applications are checked by our dedicated accreditation team. Once approved, providing proof that the holder's professional documentation is in order and up to date, local regulatory officials are notified that the trader is fit to trade, .

    Amazing Benefits

    Traders across the country are already enjoying the benefits of our innovative and exciting new suite of online networking, booking and promotional tools. All of this is free while we Beta test the platform.

    Operate on Multiple Markets?

    Nominated staff, or assistant traders are a vital asset to the market industry and they need to be flexible and responsive in order to meet the demands of the traders they work with and for. So it is important that they are able to move from one market stall and/or trader to another as work opportunities present themselves and be able to assure their current and prospective employers that they are suitably trained and insured.

    Apply for a Market Pass